Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Feeder installed

The other day, I made a feeder out of PVC pipe. The house sparrows seem to love it. 

My goal with this feeder is to attract smaller songbirds. My bowl feeder was attracting larger birds, such as doves and grackles. I would like to get more smaller birds to come such as American goldfinches.

Also as you can see in the background, I installed a suet cage. Right now the house sparrows also love it, but I am hoping to attract some woodpeckers. I heard a red-bellied woodpecker the other day so I hope it'll come by. 

I am learning there are very few things house sparrows cant do. They can eat just about anything (pay attention to them at train stations), and they are everywhere! Today, I caught one clinging to the vertical wall.

Pretty impresive. 

The making of this feeder was pretty easy. If you would like to know how to make one just let me know, and i'll make another post. 

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