Monday, June 17, 2013

Interesting Grackle.

Here is what I think is a dull brown juvenile common grackle. I have never seen one of these before.

Notice how there is no iridescence even in direct sunlight. Remember that adult grackles have plenty of it and are a black color. 

I am not 100% this is a juvenile. It may be a partly leucistic (mild albinism) or it could be a boat-tailed grackle.

Yet, judging by the fact that there has been a ton of common grackles at the feeder and it is the time of year were juveniles are abundant, I'll go with juvenile common grackle. 

What do you think this bird is?

Picture of adult common grackle continued below

You can see a little of its iridescence even though its a cloudy day. 
Also its beak seems to be longer, wider and sloped downwards. 

Any comments?

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